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Chameleon film by
V&H Styling in Bunschoten

Give your car a luxurious and exclusive look with our chameleon film. This film creates a special effect that makes it look like the color changes at different viewing angles and weather conditions.

At V&H Styling, you can get the exclusive chameleon foil expertly applied to your vehicle. We understand that your car is invaluable to you, which is why it deserves the best possible look.

Make an appointment now and experience for yourself how we can transform your car! Our experts are available to discuss your needs and help you realize your dream car.

Why have chameleon film installed?

Chameleon film has many advantages. We have listed some of the benefits.





Our Prices (Incl. VAT)

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  • Ocean Blue Auto 199 | Bus 249
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  • Sunset Red Auto 199 | Bus 249
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  • Nuclear Green Auto 199 | Bus 249
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  • Night Sky Purple Auto 199 | Bus 249

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time we need to install the film depends on the difficulty of the window. This usually takes 1 hour. We take the time to thoroughly clean your car and windshield so that no dust or dirt gets under the window film, for a perfect installation.

We work exclusively with film from XPEL. This company is known worldwide as the best window film supplier. We use scratch-free foil, which does not contain metals. You will also receive a 10-year warranty after the installation of the film. The tools we use come from 3M.

We work with fixed prices for the film, so you don’t have to ask for a quote, or face unexpected costs. We charge 199 euros for chameleon film, including for commercial vehicles.

Chameleon film works by reflecting light in different wavelengths. The unique color effect occurs because the film contains a light refracting layer that splits the colors at different angles and lighting conditions.

Chameleon film is legal to some extent. For the windshield, a minimum of 55% of light must be transmitted. Through this link you will find more information. We work with 60% and 80% translucent film for the windshield, so completely legal.

We install the film in a clean room for optimal installation. First, we thoroughly clean the windshield, and prepare the car for film installation. After that, we tape the windshield on the inside. At the top of the page you will find a detailed video explaining our process.

The chameleon film is barely visible inside. In some light, a slight blue or yellow glow may appear to shine through the film. It does not otherwise interfere with visibility.

We appreciate it if you deliver the car to us washed, so there is less chance for dirt to get under the film. It is also useful when removing loose items from the car.

Several colors are available in chameleon foil, including blue, purple and red. If your car has a neutral color, such as black, gray or white, basically any color can be applied. For other colors, we can provide appropriate advice. Please feel free to contact us for this purpose.

We are in addition to applying chameleon film we also specialize in stone chip film and window blinding.