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Window tinting at
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Window tinting is a popular way to improve the appearance of your car and at the same time create privacy. Window film also reduces light and heat from the sun. You can come to us for car window tinting using high quality film from XPEL in different shades. We have a choice of 5%, 15%, 20%, 35% and 70% light transmittance. If you are still unsure about the percentage, we have plenty of examples at our location.

Make an appointment now and experience for yourself how we can transform your car! Our experts are ready to discuss your needs and help you realize your dream car.

Why tint your car windows?

Tinting your car windows has many benefits. We have listed some of the benefits.





Our Prices (Incl. VAT)

  • Compact 149
  • Hatchback 199
  • Coupe / Convertible 219
  • Sedan 249
  • Station 249
  • SUV / MPV 249
  • Pick-Up 199
  • Bus / Truck v.a. 99
  • Exclusive v.a. 199

Extra (Incl. VAT)

  • Windshield (Legal) 199
  • Side Windows (Legal) 129
  • Sun Belt 69

Chameleon Foil (Incl. VAT)

< >
  • Ocean Blue Auto 199 | Bus 249
< >
  • Sunset Red Auto 199 | Bus 249
< >
  • Nuclear Green Auto 199 | Bus 249
< >
  • Night Sky Purple Auto 199 | Bus 249

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time we spend on window tinting depends on how many windows you want tinted. It usually takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours. We take the time to thoroughly clean your car and windows so that no dust or dirt gets under the window film, for a perfect installation.

We work exclusively with film from XPEL. This company is known worldwide as the best window film supplier. We use scratch-free film, which contains no metals. You also get a 10-year warranty after the installation of the film. The tools we use come from 3M and XPEL.

We work with fixed prices for window tinting, so you don’t have to request a quote, or face unexpected costs. With commercial vehicles and exclusive cars such as supercars, we do not have fixed rates. This is because the price depends on the number of windows, and the degree of difficulty. For example, it is also possible to tint your truck or bus. Any vehicle with windows can basically be tinted, with a few exceptions. Please feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

Car window tinting is legal to some extent. For the windshield and front doors, a minimum of 55% of light must be transmitted. No restrictions apply to rear windows. Through this link you will find more information. We work with 70% translucent film for the windshield and front doors, so completely legal. We offer the option of having your windshield and front doors tinted at a lower percentage, this is at your own risk.

Window shading involves adhering film to the inside of your car window. This film is usually dark colored, but can also be transparent and still retain its functions. For example, transparent film still blocks heat and UV radiation.

We tint your windows in a clean room for optimal installation. First, we thoroughly clean the windows, and prepare the car for installation of the film. Then we tape the windows on the inside. We do not disassemble door panels or windows. At the beginning of this page you will find our video where we show it all in detail.

We use a special method in which we permanently seal the film to the windows. Therefore, in principle, it is possible to open the film immediately after tinting. Still, we recommend not opening the windows for a few days to allow the adhesive to fully cure. After this, there is no problem opening and closing your windows.

Window tinting does not interfere with the functions of the rear window heater. It will simply continue to do its job after tinting your windows. In fact, your windows are less likely to fog up if film is installed on them. Should you ever want to remove the foil, this is no problem either. Removing the film will not damage the rear window heater, provided it is done correctly. Here, of course, we can also help.

We appreciate it if you deliver the car to us washed, so there is less opportunity for dirt to get under the film. It is also useful when removing loose items from the car and trunk.

In addition to window blinds, we also specialize in stone chip film and lamp smokes.